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One Light Week – Part 2


Continuing my “One Light” week, here’s a shot I’ve been meaning to take for about a year, since I bought a wooden manequin as an inspiration kicker during my 2008 photo-a-day project.

Every time I’ve remembered about this idea, the shop was out of stock of candles. Today I was browsing the shelves and they had some, and as it fits with the “one light source” theme, here it is.

It’s not quite as wonderful as it seemed in my head, but I’m glad I’ve scratched that particular itch.

4 responses to “One Light Week – Part 2”

  1. Jonathan says:

    That’s such a rip-off of my photo from February!

    Good work though :)

  2. Colin Morey says:

    And this one, also in February,

    Perhaps Paul is just slow :)

    @Jonathan, Paul’s got a nice warming feeling to it :) but I can’t work out what you used for a light source.

  3. Jonathan says:

    @Colin – I used a birthday cake candle. You’re right that Paul’s has a warmer glow to it. The lighting in mine is rather harsh.

  4. Paul says:

    I did say I’d been meaning to get around to it for about a year!
    All versions of the shot appear to be lit exclusively by the candle light. Jonathans is brighter because you can’t see the candle flame, and therefore the exposure choice made by Jonathan (or his camera) allows for longer exposure as he didn’t have to worry about the flame blowing out.
    Mine looks “warm” largely because of my whitebalance settings. I’ve got a version which was shot on auto whitebalance and it looks positively chilly!

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