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More Gin


This needs more work, but more work requires more charged AA batteries than I have available.  Besides, this was shot DSC_9999.* from my DSLR.  I think that means I’ve taken somewhere in the region of 12000 photos with this camera so far (It took me months to work out that I could stop it counting from 0 with each fresh card)

That label is a bugger to light BTW.  Dark green matt printing on a reflective label. I need to do a bit more thinking, and then come back when I’ve done it better.

3 responses to “More Gin”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Good work. At some point I need to pick your brains about how you do the nice lighting on your backgrounds.
    I had a go at copying your watch shot with my copper bullion ( ) but it just lacks the magic sparkle.
    When you’re done explaining studio lighting you can pour me a gin, seeing as you appear to have a lot of it in your house!

  2. Colin Morey says:

    i think if you flag the highlight, you’ll get a lot of it, the science and magic of lighting covers this eventuality, if you get stuck I can look up a solution for you if you want.

  3. Paul says:

    I’ve got a plan for how I want to approach it (once my batteries have charged! I really must build some kind of PSU for my flashes, or cave in and buy some monoblocks)
    The plan *may* involve a large white sheet with a hole cut in it, some reflectors, and yes. A bit of flagging if I can’t keep the light off the background with the setup I’ve got in mind.

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