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Public Sculpture

Jonathan and I did another lunchtime photowalk yesterday in search of some more public sculpture.  We wandered down towards the Royal West Of England Academy which is currently hosting “Charity” by Damien Hirst – a 22ft high sculpture of a 1970s charity collecting box.  The main bulk of the sculpture itself was too high up to get any decent photos, but there was an oversized crowbar and several coins scattered around at street level.


I like this shot because at first it looks like a closeup of a coin, then you look closer and realise that the texture of the background is too fine for it to be a closeup.

After that, we wandered back to Royal Fort Gardens where there’s a maze made of mirrors installed, called “Follow Me” by Jeppe Hein.  There are lots of obvious photos you can take of it, but I liked these two:



I’m quite enjoying this “find a piece of public art and take a non-obvious photo of it” idea.  I might continue with it for a while.



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