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Automatic Telephone and Electric Company (ATM/ATE) – Adverts

Following on from my post the other week about determining what year my PAX was made, I’ve been digging through old telephony books looking for adverts relating to ATM/ATE.  While I haven’t (yet) found any relating to my PAX, I have found some adverts from the same company.  So here they are:

From the October 1935 edition of the POEE Journal

From A Handbook of Telecommunication by Bertram S. Cohen published 1946

From Telephony by Atkinson, 1948 edition

From  Telephony by Atkinson, 1950 edition

I’ve enjoyed working my way through the 30 or so adverts I’ve scanned so far (you can browse the entire collection here) but now that I’ve started looking, I’m going to have to carry on looking!  There must be so much of this material hidden away in books, magazines and journals – overlooked by most people who are more interested in the published articles and the content of the books than the advertising which offset the publishing costs.

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