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Railway afternoon


I only managed an afternoon at the railway today because I spent all morning waiting for the Vet to phone me to say if Penny was ready to come home yet.  I got the call at 1pm and between the two of us, the vet and I decided it was best if she stayed in for another 24 hours.  It sounds like she’s picked up some sort of virus (they’re testing for FIV just in case.  I *really* hope it’s not that, or she’ll be sick on and off for years.)


We had quite a productive day of it really.  I tidied up a lot of the asterisk config in the morning, and we replaced a phone on one of the level crossings in the afternoon (That’s what Ian is doing in the picture above)  That’s finally ticked a job off the list which we started back in November (I think) – we also made a successful end to end test of a signal post phone, so we’re confident that it’s OK to go into service.

Tonight, I’m supposed to be going to a B3ta bash.  I’m not sure quite how long I’m going to stay for, but it’ll be better to be out of the house than wandering around it missing the cat.

One response to “Railway afternoon”

  1. Jonathan says:

    I love the first picture! I’ve looked at it 4 times now. Fantastic composition, and your treatment of the black & white tonal range is great. Jealous of the location!

    Hope Penny is feeling better soon.

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